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September 18, 2003

1) My real name is Jessamine Rachele.

2) There are 26 letters in my full name.

3) I was born on October 1, 1979.

4) I was born and raised in the East Bay (as in the San Francisco Bay Area).

5) My parents are stubborn and refuse to get divorced, despite the fact that they're been separated since 1995.

6) I lived in a duplex until 7th grade.

7) Then I lived with my parents and grandparents.

8) I was a Girl Scout.

9) My best friend J and I went to Girl Scout camp together. It rained the whole time. We don't talk about it.

10) I am not a virgin.

11) My best friend J and I have both done the nasty with two guys named Mike. (Not the same guys. All different.)

12) I had fish-sticks and Kraft macaroni and cheese every Friday night for dinner until 7th grade.

13) I had Spagetti O's every Sunday night until 6th grade.

14) I have a very low tolerance for pain.

15) I used to pop Barbie's head off her body and stick it on Ken, and Ken's head on Barbie's body.

16) I never played a single game of Monopoly until I was in High Shcool.

17) I played volleyball for the Catholic church around the corner.

18) I'm not Catholic.

19) I've been to Canada, but I don't remember - I about 1 at the time.

20) I've never been to Mexico.

21) I've been to Legoland California and Legoland in Denmark.

22) I still get Legos from my mom at Christmas.

23) I was a Lost Boy in our school's production of "Peter Pan."

24) I got hit with a whip in that same show. (On accident.)

25) My first car was a 1980 Ford Fairmont, two door, silver and black paint with maroon interior.

26) I drive a 1991 Nissan Sentra, two door, red paint. Mostly red, anyways.

27) I bought that car with my own money.

28) My dad still pays my insurance. (I think its out of guilt.)

29) I graduated from Irvington High School in 1997.

30) I went to the same school as my parents and my aunts and uncles.

31) I did not join the swim team, much to the family's disappointment.

32) I was an editor on the newspaper staff.

33) I was a shameless brown-noser and got away with just about anything in my junior and senior year.

34) I have never broken a bone.

35) I have had stitches on my head.

36) I have fainted more times than I can count.

37) I had to go to the hospital in an ambulance because of that in the 3rd grade.

38) I fainted at the San Jose Arena right before we went up to our seats for the Sharks game.

39) I had a guinea pig named Rainbow when I was little. I called him Bo-bo.

40) My cousin Lacey is nic-named Bo-bo.

41) My parents told me Bo-bo (the animal) ran away to the zoo, when he actually died.

42) I have had two hamsters - Runt and then Re-Runt.

43) I have had more fish than I care to count.

44) I hate snakes with a purple passion.

45) I don't like spiders much, either.

46) I had a dog once, named Murphy. She was mental and was afraid of water.

47) I worked for Hallmark for 4 years.

48) I have a cell phone.

49) I don't like my cell phone. It's evil.

50) Me and my bank account don't get along.

51) My favorite store is Target.

52) I find no shame in shopping at Wal*Mart.

53) I hate K-Mart.

54) I moved out of my mom's house just before New Years Eve in 1999.

55) I moved in with Boyfriend on New Years Day 2000. (We went to Vegas in between me leaving home and moving in.)

56) I am not afraid to fly in small planes, but get nervous in large jets.

57) I have not been on a bike in over 6 years.

58) I am not a good skater anymore.

59) I love to bowl, but I suck at it.

60) I took 3 years of Spanish in High School and one in college and I don't remember much.

61) I do not use Porta-Potties.

62) I have been in college for 6 years and haven't picked a major yet.

63) I am addicted to the 80's.

64) My favorite Care Bear is Funshine Bear.

65) I didn't like strawberries until this year.

66) I have had a pen-pal for 12 years and we have never met.

67) I sunburn easily and will probably have some sort of cancer related to that at some point.

68) I do not tan. I burn, then go back to white.

69) My family is far from sane or normal, and I'm afraid that it's rubbed off on me.

70) My nieces aren't really my nieces - they're my cousins' daughters.

71) I don't have any brothers or sisters.

72) If my parents would divorce, I would probably have a step-sister because my dad's girlfriend has a 12 year old brat.

73) My parents' best friends' son, Josh, is the closest thing I have to a brother.

74) His dad was really, really important to me and I am still very sad that he died.

75) I have OCD.

76) All of my CDs have to be turned just so in the CD cases and in the CD wallet or I freak out.

77) If pictures hanging on walls are crooked, I fix them - no matter where I am. (I did it in a museum once.)

78) I fix the card racks at Hallmark stores even if I don't work there.

79) Friends like to torture me by making something crooked and then not letting me fix it. Evil bastards.

80) I can't call Olive Garden good Italian food anymore. But I still like to eat there.

81) I want to go to Morocco and Egypt one day.

82) And Africa.

83) My grandfather has a peak in Antarctica named after him that I want to go climb, too.

84) I still use the word 'rad' on a daily basis.

85) If I could own any animal, I'd want a T-Rex.

86) I love Indiana Jones, not Harrison Ford.

87) I am a roller coaster junkie.

88) I want to go sky-diving sometime.

89) I can't drive 55. (Notorious for being a lead-foot.)

90) I liked Sammy Hagar over David Lee Roth in Van Halen.

91) My CD collection ranges from Charlotte Church to Godsmack to Norah Jones to Mary Chapin-Carpenter.

92) I always turn up the volume when they say "Turn it up" at the begining of "Sweet Home Alabama."

93) I have a very short attention span.

94) I have voted in every election since I turned 18.

95) I didn't vote for Gore.

96) I've been TP-ing only once.

97) My house has been TP-ed only once. By my mom.

98) I got in trouble for bringing a My Little Pony to school and got a detention in the 3rd grade.

99) I also got someone to pull my detention cards in high school so I wouldn't have to go. I'll never tell who.

100) I have never gambled in Vegas.

101) I have a pack-a-day habit... a pack of Tic-Tacs.

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